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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Welcome to the magical world of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack And Cheats. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about unlimited gems and coins hack in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game.

Before getting started first let us introduce beginners What is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is all about.

Introduction to Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

According to Wikipedia Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a role playing narrative story based game on very popular Harry Potter series. Jam City has developed this game and Portkey Games published it for Android and iOS devices.

The game is very interesting and you can create your own character and customize the look as per your likings. As the game is story driven, Player needs to follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Everything is very narrative and without reading you won’t be able to understand what is going on.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Cheats Unlimited Gems Coins – Explained.

As a gamer completes each step or level, He gets rewarded by free coins and sometimes gems. One cannot play the game till the end, until you have enough supply of Gems and coins.

This makes users to find alternative ways to get free coins and gems in harry potter Hogwarts mystery. Some players fall into the trap of harry potter Hogwarts online generator which claims hack into the server of harry potter Hogwarts mystery. But let us clear you that it’s almost impossible to hack any server directly without proper knowledge. Only a professional ethical hacker has the permission to do so to test the servers for its security.

Some of them might be working for money to get pass the system and avail the hack for public. But most of the times it won’t happen.

Those fake hack sites claims are absolutely fake and they just want to get into your system. So always be careful while using such hacks or cheats for harry potter Hogwarts mystery game.

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Legit Ways to Hack in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game For Free Coins Gems

If you are frustrated with all those fake survey filled sites then you should try following genuine ways to get free gems and coins in the game.

  • Gather Flourish Books and Blots that’s by the way is first mission. Once it’s completed we can get some amount of coins and experience points.
  • You can maximize the reward you are getting by completing a mission before time. So always try to finish the mission you are doing within time limits.
  • You can save time in missions by focusing on highlighted objects.
  • Your aim is to get the house cup at the end of year. So always keep an eye on your house points menu. Which shows your current rank.
  • You need to earn as much house points as you can, So you can get house cup.
  • One can earn house points by attending the classes and hanging out with friends through quest. And the fastest way to earn house points are by going through the class lessons.

If you are a topper before entering into the great hall at the end of the year. And luckily you got the house cup then you will receive following rewards.

Years Rewards
First200 Gems
Second100 Gems
Third200 Coins
Fourth100 Coins

So the above mentioned simple harry potter Hogwarts mystery hack and cheats will give you minimum 200 gems and coins without spending any money.

What is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK?

Nowdays you can see many sites are promoting free harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk as a download. But most of them are fake. If you want to try let me tell you a simple trick by which you can easily detect whether the file is working or just a fake app renamed as Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery APK Hack.

Follow below mentioned steps carefully.

  • Take any one of the android phone which is functional and make sure you are not using it as a regular phone.
  • You don’t need to have a working sim just connect it with a nearby WIFI
  • Download the harry potter Hogwarts mystery mod apk file on this phone.
  • Install it on this phone.
  • Try to run it and follow the instructions.
  • Check whether you got options to change the gems and coins offline.
  • If it allows then you hit the lottery.
  • But beware most of the times this kind of modded APK files comes with viruses and Trojans which can steal your data.
  • If you suspect unusual things on phone simply factory reset it.

This is how you can check whether mod apk is working or not.

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How to be safe while using online hack tools?

If you want to try out some of the online generators to generate free gems and coins in the game. Then you need to be very careful about it. So follow the rules we have mentioned below.

  1. Never ever give your personal details on the app.
  2. Don’t complete any kind of surveys which these online tools often ask for.
  3. Only use trusted and secure sites.
  4. Never spread the hack without confirming it yourself.
  5. Keep in mind hacks and cheats are for limited time. So always use them with care.
  6. Follow all the above mentioned steps to be safe in the game.

Verdict: –

So until now we have covered everything in this article, be it about Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Cheats or be it unlimited coins and gems generation. We have posted all the negatives and positives about them. So its your decision what you want to do from here. Either buy the in-app currency or try something new safely.


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