Homescapes Hacks And Cheats To Earn Coins Stars Legally

Lets learn about homescapes hack cheats and how you can get unlimited coins and stars by using legit methods in the game.

But first, we will try out the homescapes hack and cheats tool online and learn about whether they really give us free coins and stars or not. Let’s take a look at how homescapes hack cheats works when you use them to get unlimited free starts and coins for homescapes game.

Download homescapes apk from Google Playstore & Apple Apps Store for free. You need minimum Android version 4.0.3 and above to play this game on android devices. And for apple devices; you need iOS version 8 and later.

Homescapes is one of the most grossing game you can play online on your mobile phones developed by playrix, Just because it is a home designing game, you need game currencies like coins and stars to complete every task in this game.

Since coins are too expensive to buy, the myth of homescapes hack cheats and coins generator spread rapidly. With the need of free coins and stars, the search of cheats for homescapes also came into existence.

This is the reason why people are searching for homescapes hack and cheats to get limitless coins and stars easily. But the reality is very different. All the homescapes coins and star generators you find on such sites are absolutely FAKE and they don’t work at all.

In fact, THERE IS NO SUCH THING CALLED HOMESCAPES HACK OR GENERATOR EXIST IN REALITY. These all are scamming tactics used by online marketers to make you fool by asking you to complete surveys of their product and services against coins and stars for homescapes.

Why We Need Coins & Stars In Homescapes?

To design the mansion in the game, you need to surpass game levels one by one while completing match 3 puzzles to get stars. Stars then can be used to complete the decorating work in the mansion. To beat any match 3 level, sometimes you need more lives or extra moves to complete the level. Here you need coins to do that. Also, if you felt to redecorate the designed object again, you need coins again. Download PDF Guide Here

So, basically coins and stars are all you need to completely decorate the mansion in homescapes game. Your need for these coins and stars can be fulfilled with the use of legit homescapes cheats easily.

Just download the complete guide on how to get free coins and stars in homescapes legally from above mentioned download button and access our 100% working quality methods for free.

The Truth about Homescapes Hack Cheats & Fake Generators

It is impossible to hack homescapes game externally. It is not like go and get any amount of game resources by generating them online. The game developers work so hard on their game to make it more enjoyable for us. How will they let anyone to hack their games just like that?

homescapes hack cheats

Fake Homescapes Generator

There is no doubt in this, that you will see lots of websites out their claiming to have homescapes mod apk with unlimited stars & money and all that. You may even able download these apk files, but these files are nothing but the older versions of the original homescapes game. Or if your luck is so bad, then you might get a virus or malware in those fake files too. But you will not find any real moded version of the homescapes at all.

It is strongly recommended to do not download homescapes hack apk or mod apk at all. Instead, you can easily check out our legit cheats for homescapes which will surely help you to earn lots of coins and stars easily from the game itself. Check out below mentioned tips and guides for homescapes to get coins and stars.

Homescapes Tips and Strategy Guides for Getting More Resources than Usual

Check out some of the effective ways to get more stars and coins in homescapes game than regular.

Beat as much Match3’s as you can:

It may sounds like a joke, but the match 3 levels are the key factor of this wonderful game when it comes to get more coins and stars. No matter how short you are in game resources, if you keep beating these levels one by one, you are not only heading to the next level of the game, but you are also earning stars and coins without any difficulties. The only way out from this situation is to keep beating as much levels as you can.

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Most of the gamers don’t like to play match 3 puzzles. This is the reason why they just want stars without playing match 3’s. It resulted them to go for other mythical options like homescapes hack or cheats, but this is not the only option.

Take Part in Events:

Homescapes cares about their users. That is the reason they always introduce new in-game events to take part in and win lots of coins and boosters as a reward. The events has a lot to take out of, you just need an encouragement to perform better in the regular events and that’s all. You can dominate the leader’s board and win lots of prices in the form of coins and boosters.

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Co-Operate With In-Game Characters:

Just like Austin, there are lots of other in-game characters contact you in-between the gameplay. If you co-operate with their tasks and complete their wishes in the game, it might be helpful for you to earn extra coins from them as a complement.

Complete The “To Do List”:

You can see your daily tasks on the bottom left side of your game screen. Complete all those “to do tasks” available in the game. This will help you move on in the game faster than ever and you may earn high value rewards by completing your tasks faster.

Earn Stars from Match-3’s:

Unfortunately, there is no way to earn stars from, other than beating match 3 puzzles. We know it sounds weird, but you cannot even buy stars from in-app purchases of the game. The only way out is just beat match 3 levels and get stars. That’s it.

Homescapes Gameplay Strategy to Advance In the Game Rapidly

Lots of gamers play homescapes game step by step. Means, suppose you don’t have any stars in your account and if you want to place a sofa in the living room, then you first beat 1 match 3 level, earn a star and then complete this tasks. This method of playing the game is not bad, but not very effective either in terms of advancing faster.

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Instead, try to collect lots of stars at once by beating lots of match 3 levels. Once you have at least 30 to 40 stars in your account, then start completing game tasks one by one. This way, you will have lots of stars in your account and you can now complete the tasks uninterruptedly.

Another one benefit of this method is that you can also complete your in-game days faster and earn lots of coins as a rewards easily.

How To Beat Hard Homescapes Levels With Powerups?

Power ups and Boosters both are equally important in homescapes game. They both are needed in the game to complete each and every aspect of the game. However, if you are a freeplay gamer, then following advice is for you only.

Power ups and Boosters are there to help you and beat hard levels in homescapes. There are some really tough levels available in the game like level 24, 28, 37, 45, 48, 50, 67, 75, 80, 95, 110, 130, 154, 240 and much more. Including power ups and boosters in your playing strategy will help you beating every hard level in homescapes game.

I will recommend using power ups more often than boosters as boosters need resources to use them in the levels, but power ups are free to create and you can use them any number of times in the level.

However; to use boosters in the game, you need to buy them and it is not affordable from the gamers point of view; while power ups can be created for free using more than 3 tile match’s in the match 3 levels. Try to create rarest power ups like rainbow balls and bombs in the levels.

Remember, each power up can be used with another power up as there is no restriction for it. So, you can bring two power ups together and switch them with each other to create more effective impact on the tiles. I will recommend to do this trick with rarest ones like Rainbow Balls and Bombs.

Rainbow Balls and Bombs have very powerful bursting ability and together; they can most likely finish the puzzle in only one move. Try them out yourself and see the impact they create in your match 3 level.

No matter how hard any level is, bringing these two power ups together will do at least 75% job on their own. This is how power ups can help you beat hard levels in homescapes game with ease.


If we wrap all the above information in one para, then we came to know that all the homescapes hack cheats and coins generators are fake and we should not use them at all.

We also learned how people fool us by claiming that they have homescapes hack which has limitless coins and stars and you can download it for free. But these files are also nothing but shit.

The only way to get coins for this game is to use the legit ways which we have explained to you above and in the pdf file of our guide.

Additionally, if you still need more coins for your game, then simply buying them from the game is not a bad idea at all. There are lots of offers always there to get you a best possible deal for your purchase.

So, don’t hesitate to buy game currencies only from the game itself and if you really felt that this information is worth sharing, then only share it with your friends. Thanks and have a happy gaming.


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