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MMX Hill Dash 2 Hack Cheats Tips And Tricks No Survey

mmx hill dash 2 hack

MMX hill Dash 2

MMX hill dash 2 is an ultimate P vs. P racing game created and launched by the hutch games on 23rd April 2018. Racing games are favorite games for all type of the gamers because, these games feel to the player that, what real gaming competition is. Sometimes most of the players, love to drive and feel the ultimate experience of the racing with their favorite cars.

MMX hill dash is also an ultimate racing game with amazing assorted cars, trucks, and tanks. This is an off-road racing game. MMX hill dash is downloaded by more than 1 millions of people in only its first week. And well rated by 16k peoples on Google play store.

The previous version of the game named as MMX hill dash only is also very popular and downloaded by more than 10 million people from Google play store.

The player can play along thousands of players from over worldwide. The graphics of the game are very attractive with amazing colorful scenarios. There are many various vehicle upgrades are also available for enjoying your race and compete with your friends.

Do you want to get on the top of the leaderboard in the MMX hill dash game? Then check out and learn our pro tips and tricks of the game in below article. And also learn all about the game in this article.

MMX Hill Dash 2 Hack And Cheats Do They Work?

At the beginning of the game, when you are on the home screen of the game you can see a beginners tutorial you need to follow that to proceed further.

Many online sites are promoting fake online generators to earn in-app currency, But let us clear you that all MMX hill dash 2 hack tools are fake and they don’t work, Also never try to use them else you may face bans from the developers.

On the home screen, in the center left side of a screen, there are players selected car is available, and exact in the center-right side of the screen there are all upgrades of the car equipment is available with their levels.

Below the car, there is other various incredible vehicles are available that, the player needs to unlock. In the bottom right side of the screen, quick race tab is available for play race in shape arrow.

Left upper corner of the home screen there is a selection of car and selection of racing track ways are available, and in the upper right corner of the home screen, the player can see his total earned coins and gems in the game.

So this is the screen of the game and there is nothing special on the home screen, but if your mobile is connected to the internet then you are able to play the arena matches and highway wealth matches in the game, these both option is available besides of the tracks option.

Ultimate Tips and Tricks for MMX Hill dash 2, playing strategies

The MMX hill dash 2, game has a simple playing mechanism, within the race there is only one limited track and you have to race with the opponent in this track but here you want to break the time score of the opponent, you need to reach first in any have condition to break its score and win race.

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Also, you need to tap in the right side of the screen, to accelerate your car and tap on the left side of the screen to some reverse or to stop, and also you can control the balance of the car when it is in the air by tapping left and right side of the screen.

In beginning don’t focus to win the race

at the beginning of the game, when you have no any coins and gems don’t focus on the finish line of the game, because you need coins to upgrade the vehicle that you haven’t earned at the beginning of the game. Remember that when you playing the race, and the opponent will win the race, at that time your race is not getting finish till your car will not cross the finish line, then go once again previous track and collect all coins from the track, and when you have enough coins like more 1000 or 10000 then spend all them on vehicle upgrades.

Stay good Balance in the vehicle upgrades

when you are upgrading your vehicle and try to make it strong, then remember that all the cars in the game follow the basic physics basic rule, therefore, if you upgrade any one of ability from them, then it will going to control too hard to your vehicle.

There are 5 types of different upgrades in the game; if you upgrade only the speed then you can’t control stability of the vehicle, like this, all upgrade will matter on the vehicle performance.

Save the bob, on the top of the vehicle

there are some special bobs on each car. Suppose this bob will touch the ground, suddenly your vehicle will explode on the place. Don’t tilt your vehicle nearer to the ground from bob side.

Take advantage of net connectivity :- if your device is connected to the internet, then you are able to take advantage to earn more gems more easily. Usually, now all new coming game makers will add watch and earn a feature in their game. You can also watch advertisements and earn the gems in the game.

If you have your facebook account you can earn 500 gems from joining your facebook account to the game.

Complete first two stages and earn huge loots any time

in the game, when you complete first two stages of the game, then you are able to drive on the highway to wealth. The highway to wealth is the tracks where you can earn unbelievable loots; this is like as a lucky draw.

When you ride on this route you got some cards that have four hidden prices, you need to choose correct one, because there is bomb card also that will lose all your earning, so choose a correct card and continue to run on the highway. When you complete nonstop 30 miles on the highway you got super jackpot and loot the biggest price.

So get ready to beat other player and become best and hard mettle offroad driver in MMX hill dash 2 with utilizing these some basic and important tricks.

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