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PUBG Mobile

Have you tried PUBG Mobile Hack or Cheats For Free Battle Points? If yes, then what was your experience of using free battle points generator or hacks? There are lots of such questions hovering above us when it comes to find the real ways to hack PUBG mobile game for free UC Money and Battle Points.

Battle Points (BP) and UC Money are very important currencies in this game as they can help you obtaining lots of essential stuffs while you are trying to survive yourself from the deadly situations in PUBG.

There are some free ways to get Battle Points and UC Cash from the game easily. However, legit free-ways are always too lazy for us to get bunch of free battle points in less time, so we try to find PUBG Mobile Hack Apk online which can help us getting not only free battle points but also UC Cash and all the needy resources for the game instantly.

PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of world famous PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game which has gone viral in past on PC, PS4 and on Xbox One. Now the PUBG Mobile is available to play for free on both iOS and Android version.

PUBG Mobile Hack Apk Cheats and Money Generator

There are lots of websites available online who claim to have PUBG Mobile Hack which works online to give you unlimited battle points instantly by generating them through Battle Points Generator. Hang On, not everyone will provide you free battle points instantly just by using PUBG Mobile Cheats Tool. There may have been some of them who works but most of the online hack for PUBG Mobile game don’t work at all.

It is up to you whether to use them or not, No one 100% guarantees you to give unlimited free battle points instantly.  However, if you search online, you will come to know that you have lots of options for such tools like PUBG Mobile Hack No Human Verification and PUB Mobile Battle Points Hack Tool.

Still Want To Try PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile Hack? Read This First

We recommend not to try these tools anyhow as you my compromise with your account if you get caught by the game itself. But still; if you really want to give it a try, then you must read some of the precautions you need to take while dealing with online Cheats for PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk Hack are very uncertain tools and can be modified by anyone who is having little bit knowledge of programming. They are highly vulnerable and risky to use. Instead of using Apk Mods for PUBG Mobile game, try to use online PUBG Battle Points Generator. The online generators are bit safe when you compare them with moded apk for pubg mobile as we need to download and use moded apk on our device whereas online generators works on the developers servers and they are a bit safe than downloadable PUBG Mobile Cheats.

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Most of the Playerunknown’s battleground hacks that works are protected by antibot system (that is what their developers claim) and to use these hacks, you need to complete such tasks that bots cannot do, like downloading any app from Playstore, or putting some data in any form or such things. In this case, sometimes you may need to complete some offers in order to prove yourself as a human.

To avoid this all, you can search in Google for PUBG Mobile Hack No Survey Verification. This search term will only show you the results which have no condition to prove yourself human and complete offers. Another search term is PUBG Mobile Hack Without Survey Verification. Try these search trick and save your time on searching for PUBG Mobile Hack Tool.

It seems a lot hectic and confusing process right? Leave it,

Let’s talk about some real legit ways to get free battle points in the game by using few tricks in the game.

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Real Legit Hacks and Cheats for Free Battle Points in PUBG Mobile

When it comes to get free battles points legally in the game, there are numerous ways but number of battle points you get is very less each time. Don’t worry, these ways are still interesting to perform and you will not get bored at all.

  • Collect Your Login Bonuses: The most simple and regular task we do is we play PUBG Mobile game daily. We also know that we get login bonus on daily basis in the form of various items and currencies. Just keep doing login daily in your game account just to collect free battle points even if you don’t want to play the game. Doing it consistent for some weeks will not only give you free battle points, but also numerous essential items for free.
  • Complete Challenges: Just like playing random battles, we also have challenges tab at the bottom right side of our mobile screen. In challenges, you will find specific tasks to do in the battle in order to win extra battle points along with UC Cash too. Completing daily challenges is the sure shot way of earning free battle points in the game.
  • First Purchase Bonus: Not everyone like to purchase anything with real money in the game. But believe me, bonuses you get by simply purchasing anything in the game will amaze you. If you make your first purchase in the game, you will get a golden crate as a bonus in the game which has lots of rare an important items for you. If your luck is good, you may even get those items which can only be obtained by spending more than thousand battle points.
  • Free Battle Points from FB Login: It is as easy as daily login. Just join in the game using your Facebook account and get instant free battle points credited into your game account.
  • Complete Events for Free Battle Points: Just like daily challenges, events are also a good source of having free battle points along with lots of more rewards in it. Complete daily, weekly events by participating and try to come on leader’s board in the ratings to earn more than usual rewards from the event menu of the game.

Do you know more such tricks that we don’t know in PUBG Mobile? Please help others to know them then, simply comment them below the article or send them to us and we will definitely add them in the article with your name.


When we talk about the conclusion we understand from the whole discussion above, we understood that there are two types of ways people try to get free battle coins and UC Cash in the PUBG Mobile game. One is not dependable that much but the other is dependable.

We also talked about how people use PUBG Mobile Hack and Cheats to get free battle coins. Some of the may succeed but lots of the PUBH Mobile BP Generators seems to be fake and don’t work. It is better always to use legit pubg hack which we have described above, and try to avoid such PUBG Cheats which may harm you in the long run.

Let us know your thoughts about this information about PUBG Hack Generator for Unlimited Battle Points.


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